5 Warehouse Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Anyone who has ever worked in a warehouse either as a manager, floor worker, or forklift operator can attest to the fact that a dirty and disorganized workspace creates the perfect storm for disaster to take place. Warehouses are the backbone of the supply chain and retail industry. To ensure that products are properly stored and shipped out on time and enhance safety standards, it’s important to maintain a clean and organized warehouse at all times.

Here are five important warehouse storage solutions to boost operational productivity and safety standards in your facility.

Make a Cleaning Schedule and Update It as Needed

Making a cleaning schedule and assigning each employee certain tasks is an effective way to stay on track. Employees can cross each item off of their list as it’s completed and update the mail file so you know what was already done and by whom. Cleanliness and organization ensure that your warehouse is completely decluttered and that your products are safely stored without being surrounded by dust and dirt. Decluttering and making sure each item is properly stored on a regular basis keeps the aisles and pathways of your warehouse clear, so that forklifts and other machinery can safely get by.

Stock Cleaning Supplies in a Designated Storage Area

Each item in a warehouse needs to have a designate storage area to maintain organization. That includes cleaning supplies. Keeping all of your cleaning supplies in one location prevents them from getting mixed in with hazardous waste materials and it ensures that employees always know where to find certain items when they’re needed. This maximizes your storage space, increases productivity and efficiency in your warehouse, and also prevents potentially unsafe or hazardous situations.

Empty the Trash Regularly

Trash compactors are a common fixture in most warehouses, and they can easily become overloaded if too much material is being processed in them all at once. Be sure to empty trashcans throughout your warehouse and dispose of hazardous waste regularly and carefully to avoid overflow and compactor congestion.

Assign Areas for Warehouse Employees to Clean

Using a divide and conquer method in which each employee is responsible for cleaning and organizing a specific area of the warehouse ensures that the job gets done faster. If you have enough staff and a large warehouse space to cover, you can even team up certain employees to work together to speed up the process and make sure it gets done properly.

Review Your Warehouse Storage and Organizational Capacity Regularly

The flow of inventory in and out of a warehouse changes fairly often. For that reason, it’s important to review how much storage space you have to accommodate large influxes of products at any given time. Furthermore, you have to account for the size, shape, and weight of the packaging to ensure that your current warehouse storage solutions are sufficient to support your inventory. Re-evaluate your existing pallet racking and warehouse storage system from time to time, so that you can make the necessary adjustments based on your current requirements.

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