5 Warning Signs That Indicate Your Pallet Rack is Damaged

A sturdy pallet racking system is the backbone of any warehouse. It ensures that your entire inventory is safely and securely stored in an organized manner that promotes warehouse operational efficiency and productivity. Storage facilities and distribution centers can very easily become dangerous working environments if they’re not properly managed. Pallet racks that sustain damages caused by seismic events or improper assembly and usage can also create significantly hazardous situations that can lead to on-the-job injuries and slow down your operations.

So, how do you know if your pallet racks are damaged? Here are some of the signs to look for that your pallet racks in Toronto might require servicing or replacement.

Rack Leaning

Storage racks in Toronto are designed to be flexible, so a little bit of shifting or bending to accommodate certain weight capacities is par for the course. Where it can get a little dangerous is if the rack is off-balance or leaning on one side. Leaning indicates that the pallet rack wasn’t correctly installed and needs to be readjusted by an inspector before the whole structure collapses.

Pulled Anchors

Anchors secure your pallet racking system in place at the base and prevent the units from tipping over with every minute movement. If the anchors are loose or pulled out of position for any reason, this can lead to catastrophic events. Before hammering the anchors back down, it’s important to inspect the surrounding concrete floor for cracking, which is a sign of a weak or damaged foundation. Concrete cracks can quickly spread when pressure or force is applied and will further weaken the structural integrity of your floor and pallet racking system.

Deformed or Unclipped Beam Connectors

Beam connectors secure each beam into place to maintain a sturdy structure. Horizontal beams, in particular, endure a great deal of weight and pressure from constant movement caused by loading and unloading products. Signs of damage to the beam connectors and clips include cracked paint, sagging, and bowing. Call an inspector immediately if you notice these.

Cracked Welds and Joints

Pallet rack baseplates are welded to the ground to prevent them from shifting too much. Cracked or displaced welds and joints is a major sign of structural trauma. It indicates a weakened support system and could fall over at any moment. If you notice cracks in the welds and joints of your pallet racking system, remove all of the storage items immediately and put the rack out of commission until it can be properly repaired.


Performing spot checks of your pallet racking system on a regular basis is absolutely crucial. Rust is one of those visual signs of damage that you can easily identify. The sooner you notice it, the better. External corrosion on a pallet racking system indicates that the internal structural integrity of the unit has been weakening for a long time—perhaps weeks or months, depending on the extent of the damage. Blistering external rust indicates that internal corrosion exists. Stiff corrosion means the structural components are brittle and could fall apart at any moment.

Expert Warehouse Storage Rack Solutions in Toronto

Storage pallet racks in Toronto are typically built to last a long time. When installed and maintained properly, they can. At Canadian Rack Technologies Inc., our mission is to provide top-quality, reliable, and customizable warehouse storage solutions with a wide range of fully functional regularly maintained new and used pallet racking systems. Contact us today to learn more.


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