Applications and Advantages of Using Cantilever Racking Systems

Every warehouse has completely unique pallet racking system requirements depending on storage capacity, layout, and the types of products being stored. Cantilever racking systems are the ideal solution for warehouses that store a lot of oddly shaped, long, or wide products such as various building materials. For facilities that need a flexible, reliable, and easily reconfigurable racking system for specific storage requirements, cantilever racking systems offer a variety of feasible solutions.

Advantages of Industrial Warehouse Cantilever Racking

The advantages of installing cantilever racking systems in your warehouse are boundless, but here are some of the ones that are common across various industries.

Flexibility and Capacity to Store Variety of Items

Cantilever racks provide enough openness and space to store items that are typically difficult to store using traditional narrower racking systems due to their size, shape, or weight. Hard-to-shelve items include certain building materials such as long and thin steel beams or lumber and pre-packaged furniture that needs to be assembled. The flexible design of cantilever racks not only makes it easier to store and organize these types of items, but it also ensures that products consisting of multiple packages or boxes can be properly categorized together in the same area without taking up floor space.

Easy Installation and Reconfiguration

Cantilever racks are incredibly easy to install and even easier to configure or reconfigure using a flexible vertical design that makes the most sense for your operations, storage capacity, and the types of products in your warehouse. Rather than taking up valuable horizontal floor space, cantilever racks move upward and take advantage of the vertical space in your warehouse. The shelving units can also be adjusted to accommodate various product sizes, shapes, and load capacities as needed.

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Easy Accessibility and Flexibility

Cantilever racks have a fairly simple design with two small racks on both sides of a long I-beam with no components above it to obstruct visibility or accessibility. Using high- and low-reaching material handling equipment, warehouse and distribution center crew members can easily access materials on all levels of cantilever racking systems. Products can be organized using whatever system or method that you see fit with heavier loads on the bottom and middle racks and lighter loads on the top racks.

A Variety of Size Options

Cantilever racks are ideal for vertical storage. To accommodate upward mobility and flexibility, the arms can be extended or retracted as needed to store products of various sizes and shapes. The arms can also be adjusted to fit the layout and space restrictions of your warehouse seamlessly. Floor storage in your warehouse is a thing of the past with adjustable, flexible, and sturdy cantilever racking systems.

Save Time and Money

Time is money in the warehouse, distribution, and supply chain industry. Operations need to be as efficient and accurate as possible in order to maintain a certain often fast-paced workflow. The open concept design of cantilever racking systems allows warehouse workers and forklift operators to find exactly what they’re looking for with ease. Unobstructed views and quick accessibility keep your warehouse operations smooth and on track at all times.

Vertical storage options also mean that you don’t have to add or remove new racks every time your storage capacities change.

Increase Facility Productivity and Safety Standards

Traditional pallet racking systems might force workers to move certain items out of the way when trying to pick specific products off the shelf. This can take up a lot of time and reduce operational productivity. Oftentimes, the wrong item is picked and then has to be put back on the shelf in search of the correct item. Moreover, bulky and awkwardly shaped items can be a lot harder to retrieve if they’re stored with other items stacked in front of them.

Cantilever racking systems eliminate all of these issues and make it easy for even the bulkiest and most oddly shaped long and thin items to be picked with ease using standard material handling equipment in your warehouse.

Applications of Industrial Warehouse Cantilever Racking

Industrial warehouse cantilever racking systems are suitable for a wide range of applications to make your operations more efficient, productive, and accurate.


Large carpets and area rugs that are rolled up are extremely bulky and often difficult to store. Traditional warehouse racking systems typically don’t have enough space or load capacity to safely and properly store them, which is why they’re usually stored on the ground. But this takes up a lot of floor space, making for uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe working conditions. Plus, carpets can collect a lot of dirt and dust when stored under shelving units. Cantilever racking systems eliminate this problem. Carpets can be stored on the bottom racks for easy accessibility and to lighten the load at the top of the unit.

Building Materials

Lumber, drywall, and other types of building materials such as beams are difficult to store items because of their long, thin, and odd shapes and sizes. Cantilever storage racks are the perfect solution because they can be adjusted to retrieve bulky items from various shelves.


Different types of metals are some of the heaviest items to store in warehouses. Moreover, they require specific storage conditions to protect them against the elements and prevent the development of corrosion and rust. Items such as long steel rods, pipes, or aluminum sheets can safely be stored horizontally on easily accessible and adjustable vertical racks to keep them off the ground and away from destructive elements.

Furniture and Reupholstering Materials

Furniture comes in all types of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re storing fabrics or internal mechanisms and structural and mechanical components, cantilever racking systems offer the best solutions to protect furniture and reupholstering materials. Cantilever racks securely hold furniture materials and components in place to prevent them from getting damaged while also making them easily accessible when needed.

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