Factors to Consider when Shopping for a Used Pallet Racking System

Buying a new pallet rack for your warehouse, distribution center, or retail store is a tough decision. There are a lot of different factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the right storage equipment for your facility. The layout and square footage of your facility are among the most important factors, but there are other elements that also come into play. For instance, your budget and whether or not you should purchase a new or used pallet rack in the GTA. Whatever your options are, it can sometimes feel like you’re being pulled in ten different directions because you have to make a decision fast to minimize operational downtime during installation. Here are some tips for purchasing a new or used pallet racking system in Mississauga.

Purchase Used Racking Systems from a Reliable Source

If cutting down costs while still getting a great deal on high-quality storage units is important to you, then well-maintained used racking systems are the right choice. Just make sure you purchase them from a reliable and reputable dealer. The best way to determine the reputability of a pallet rack dealer is to simply Google them. Read reviews from other customers and see what they have to say.

Furthermore, make sure that the pallet rack technicians are fully certified and authorized by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) to perform routine system inspections. Specifically, ask to see the unit’s Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) documentation, which is required for all material handling equipment by Ontario’s Ministry of Labour. PSRs contain all pertinent information about new and used pallet racks that indicate their safety and quality ratings.

Make Sure the Pallet Rack Meets Your Current and Future Requirements

Assess your current facility requirements and capacity to determine what type of pallet racking system fits your present criteria. Through this process, you might also discover a few operational and structural deficiencies that are limiting your facility’s efficiency and productivity.

This is the perfect time to make the necessary adjustments before installing a new or used pallet racking system.

Be sure to leave some room for future vertical or horizontal expansion to accommodate the evolving needs of your facility as your business continues to grow. Rather than having to continue spending money on replacing outdated pallet racking systems in the future, you can simply purchase add-on parts to extend the capacity of your existing units.

What Type of Pallet Racking System Do You Need?

There are a variety of heavy-duty pallet racking systems on the market. The right one for your facility depends on what your current and future goals are. If you’re planning on expanding your warehouse or distribution center facility but have run out of horizontal floor space to do so, then the only direction left to go is upward. Vertical racking is an easy and cost-effective solution to expand and make the most out of the storage space you have available.

Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. offers a wide assortment of custom new and used pallet racking solutions and configurations that are designed to meet your specific requirements including cantilever, VNA, carton flow, roll-out racks, and many more. After performing a thorough inspection of your facility, our storage solution experts can recommend the ideal pallet racking solutions and layouts to maximize your operational efficiency and safety standards.

Weight and Height Capacities of Pallet Racking Systems

When buying a new or used pallet racking system, it’s important to know the exact dimensions as well as the weight and height capacity that you require for your operations. Measure the size of your standard pallets and weigh at least one of them. Then, count how many pallets you typically have on hand and calculate the approximate total weight, so that you can determine the required weight, size, and height capacity of the pallet racking system you plan on purchasing.

For additional assistance, you can hire a licensed pallet racking engineer such as the ones who work with Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. to perform an in-depth facility PSR inspection. In addition to determining the ideal pallet racking system for your facility, our storage solution experts can also easily identify operational deficiencies and make recommendations on how to improve productivity and safety standards.

You can also consult the manufacturer of your pallet racking system for specific information regarding the dimensions, weight, and height capacity for each unit.

Who Is the Original Manufacturer?

It helps to know who the original manufacturer of your pallet racking system is so that you can contact them for installation assistance, maintenance tips, or in case the unit malfunctions and repairs need to be made.

Is the Pallet Rack New or Refurbished?

When purchasing a pallet rack, keep in mind that there’s a big difference between used and refurbished. Used pallet racks are typically sold as is, regardless of surface or deeper damages and it’s up to you to make the necessary repairs. Although, that’s not to say that all used pallet racks are necessarily damaged. Reputable used pallet rack dealers are required by law and ethics to ensure that they’re providing customers with high quality, well-maintained, and fully functional units.

Refurbished pallet racks, on the other hand, are pallet racks that have suffered some wear and tear and have been restored with minor repairs to bring them up to code and make them a more appealing option.

Warranty and Repair Options

Always ask about warranty, repair, and maintenance options when purchasing a new or used pallet rack in Mississauga and other parts of the GTA. For instance, Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. has an extensive buyback program in place for used pallet racks. That means that after careful inspection, we’ll buy back used storage systems and older models and refurbish them to meet current safety and operational standards.

Where to Get High-Quality Used Pallet Racks in the GTA

Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. is a leading supplier of high-quality, affordable, and custom-designed new and used pallet racks in Mississauga and the rest of the GTA. We proudly sell Canadian-made industrial and commercial racking systems from the following manufacturers: Cogan, Cresswell, and Metalware. Contact us today to discuss your pallet racking needs.


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