How to Disassemble Pallet Racks in 6 Simple Steps

At some point, most industrial equipment suppliers in Toronto will need to disassemble a pallet rack. There are two methods by which pallet racks are assembled, and the best method for disassembling will depend on the type of rack you have. In this blog post, we’ll provide simple steps for disassembling both roll formed and structural pallet racks.

Understand the Primary Assembly Methods of Pallet Racks

There are two production and assembly methods for pallet racking systems: roll formed and structural.

Roll Formed Pallet Racks

Roll formed racking is an affordable and configurable storage solution that is easy to install. Beams attach to uprights with brackets on the beams that are inserted to slots in the uprights and secured with safety clips / pins or in some cases a nut and bolt. However, the roll-formed racks may not be as durable as other types of racks.

Structural Pallet Racks

Structural racks are made of steel components that have been hot-rolled and bolted together. These types of racks are more challenging to put together than roll-formed racks but can hold more weight and tend not to be damaged as easily if something hits them, like a forklift.

Simple Steps to Disassemble Pallet Racks

First, determine the primary assembly method of your pallet rack. If it is a roll formed rack, remove the beams by removing the safety clips from the uprights. If it is a structural rack, remove the beams by unscrewing the bolts from the uprights.

The following are some common steps to disassemble a pallet rack:

Pallet Racks



  • Step 1: Remove all of the wire mesh decks or pallet supports from the rack. 




Pallet Racks



  • Step 2: Unbolt or remove each locking clip in each beam from the uprights. Be sure to keep all of the safety clips, bolts and washers organized so that you can easily reassemble the rack later. 



Pallet Racks




  • Step 3: Once all of the beams have been removed, you can begin unbolting the uprights from the floor. Again, be sure to keep all of the bolts and washers organized so that you can easily reassemble the rack later. 






Pallet Racks


  • Step 4: Once all of the uprights have been disconnected from one another, you can remove them from the anchors attached to the floor. Be careful when lifting them off the achors, as they may be heavier than you expect. 




Pallet Racks


  • Step 5: To keep your pallet rack components safe from damage during transport or storage, follow these bundling and palletizing guidelines. To begin, tightly bundle the uprights, beams, and wire decking together. To keep the bundles in place, use heavy-duty steel strapping to bind them. Lastly, check that each bundle is uniform and snug before moving them. This will help prevent shifting while they are transported.


Pallet Racks



  • Step 6: The rack is now ready to be transported or stored until it is needed again. 



Important Considerations when Disassembling Pallet Racks

Before you disassemble your pallet racks, there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • You will need a team of people to help you disassemble and transport the rack components, as they can be heavy.
  • Be sure to have all the necessary tools on hand, including wrenches, sockets, and ratchets.
  • Be careful not to damage the uprights or beams while disassembling the rack; this could make it difficult or impossible to reassemble.
  • Ensure your employees are insured as there is a risk of them getting injured while disassembling the racks.
  • If possible, disassemble the rack in the same area where it will be reassembled. This will make the process much easier and reduce the risk of damage to the components.

Warehouse racking can be dangerous to dismantle if you are not trained on how to do it properly. In most cases, it might be a good idea to have a professional company take down and move the racking for you.

Hire a Professional Team from Canadian Rack Technologies to Disassemble Your Pallet Racks

If you’re taking down a pallet rack, it’s important to do it safely and efficiently. When in doubt, it is always best to hire a professional to disassemble your pallet racks. Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. has years of experience dismantling warehouse equipment and can do it safely and efficiently for you. We understand the complexity of taking apart pallet racking for resale, storage, or moving them elsewhere. Call us at (416) 491-7225 if you need assistance dismantling your racking systems.


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