How Warehouse Shelving Helps Increase Working and Production Space

Warehouses and distribution centers thrive on organization, proper management, and providing proper training for employees, so they can master their job skills. Accomplishing and maintaining all of these feats is close to impossible without having the proper setup and components in place. When installed and used correctly, industrial warehouse shelving units provide the perfect solution to maximize space and keep any facility clean, organized, and free of safety hazards.

Warehouse Shelving

Why Is Warehouse Storage Optimization Important for Your Organization?

Warehouse storage optimization does so much more than keep your facility clean and organized. It can also increase your safety standards and the productivity of your employees and their day-to-day processes. When inventory is neatly stacked to prioritize easy visibility and reachability and in order of first-in-first-out or by expiry date, then you can rest assured that products will always be findable and accessible with minimal effort required.

Tips to Increase or Maximize Warehouse Storage Space with Industrial Shelving Systems

Every warehouse has unique industrial shelving configuration needs based on a number of factors including size, layout, storage capacity, type of inventory, etc. Use these considerations as a guideline for choosing the right warehouse shelving units and configurations for your facility.

Install the Shelves at an Optimal Height

When it comes to optimizing warehouse storage space and maintaining stringent workplace safety standards, it’s important to install the industrial shelving systems at an optimal height. Start by carefully measuring the length and width of your storage facility carefully. Once you have these dimensions, you should also take into consideration the dimensions of the products and packaging that’s going to be stored on the shelving. That will determine how much space you should leave between each shelf.

Use the Appropriate Inventory Storage Containers

Storage containers and the packaging that items are shipped in make a big difference in terms of how they should be stored and organized. Certain products require specific storage conditions to preserve their shelf life, prevent premature spoilage, and protect them against damages. It’s important to be mindful of the storage requirements and dimensions when installing new warehouse shelving units.

Make Use of Vertical Space

When warehouse square footage is limited, sometimes there’s nowhere left to go but up. By design, warehouses typically have extremely high ceilings to accommodate limited storage space and the need for expansion. If every square inch of your warehouse is being used for some sort of storage purpose, then you can increase your facility’s storage capacity by installing stackable shelves.

Consider Installing Mezzanines

Mezzanine floor or stacking systems consist of sturdy raised platforms that run from the floor to the ceiling of the warehouse in order to maximize the use of vertical space and allow for visibility and accessibility from all sides of the platform.

Reduce Overstock Inventory

Sometimes, brands order excess inventory or overstock in an effort to meet high customer demands or in preparation for an upcoming promotion. Leftover overstock that doesn’t move or sell for one reason or another can take up a lot of space in your warehouse. Moreover, it could lead to financial losses if they don’t sell within a reasonable timeframe. Eventually, overstock items will have to be sold at a discounted price just to make more space in the warehouse. The solution to this problem is to reduce overstock inventory altogether and only order limited quantities of popular items that are guaranteed to sell. Replenish the inventory as needed.

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