The Importance of Customizing Cantilever Racking to Your Business Needs

Cantilever racking systems are an important storage solution for businesses that store long, heavy and bulky items such as bars, lumber, tubing, and pipes. Like other warehouse storage solutions, there is no one-size-fits-all pallet racking system. One cantilever rack cannot adequately meet the diverse needs of every warehouse, and this leads us to the importance of customizing cantilever racking to meet your business needs. 

Why It Is Important to Customize Cantilever Racking to Fit Business Needs

Every warehouse has its own unique needs. Customizing your cantilever rack can help you meet specific inventory needs, such as environmental conditions, fragility, or items that cannot be stacked. You can customize your cantilever racking system to fit your exact space, free up floor space, maximize both floor and vertical air space, and create safe and accessible traffic patterns for workers.


How to Better Understand Your Business Needs

Before customizing your cantilever racking system, you must understand your business needs in-depth. This includes:

Identifying the Types of Products Being Stored

Understanding the types of products that will be stored helps determine the appropriate rack design, including the spacing, support mechanisms, and any additional features to be fit to the cantilever rack.

Identifying the Sizes and Weight of the Products to Be Stored

This will help design the cantilever rack with the necessary load-bearing capacity and spacing configurations to ensure it supports the weight of the items without compromising safety.

Determining the Number of Products to Be Stored

Understanding the volume of products that need to be stored is crucial in customizing a cantilever rack to determine the number of shelves, width, depth, and height of the rack or the accessories you need.

Recognizing the Layout and Size of the Warehouse

The layout, shape, and size of the warehouse can ensure that you choose a cantilever rack that is the right size and configuration for your needs. 

Types of Cantilever Racking

There are different types of cantilever racks, which is why it is crucial to determine which type is best suited for your business needs. There are light-duty, medium, and heavy-duty cantilever racks. There are also cantilever racks on mobile bases. Some cantilever racks can also be placed on mobile bases for increased flexibility and space optimization.


Options for Customizing Cantilever Racking

There are many options for customizing your cantilever racking system to adapt it to your business needs. Here are some common customization options:

  • Length and depth adjustments
  • Arm adjustments
  • Single or double-sided racking
  • Adding additional support such as braces or crossbars, load dividers, back tops or safety features

Benefits of Customizing Cantilever Racking

  • Increased Storage Capacity: Adjusting the arms and length of cantilever system allows for optimal utilization of available space.

  • Improved Efficiency in Storage and Retrieval: When cantilever racks are customized with adjustable arm levels, arm lengths, and arm angles, the storage and retrieval process becomes more efficient and streamlined. It becomes easier to organize items, locate specific products, and access them quickly, saving time and effort.

  • Reduced Risk of Damage to Products: Customizing cantilever racking with options like additional support and column protectors enhances stability, prevents items from sliding or falling during storage and retrieval.

Factors to Consider when Customizing Cantilever Racking

  • Cost Considerations: Cost is the most important factor to consider when customizing cantilever racking systems. Consider the budget and cost implications of customizing the cantilever rack, including the additional supports and other accessories. The more features and capabilities you add to your rack, the higher the cost.
  • Future Business Needs: If you plan to expand your business or change the types of goods you store in the future, you should consider customizing your cantilever racking system to accommodate potential changes in inventory or storage volume by adding the necessary features.
  • Safety Regulations and Compliance: Customizing cantilever racking is not enough, you must also ensure that the customization adheres to relevant safety regulations and industry standards, which is why you need to hire experts to get the job done. An expert will ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep: Cantilever racking systems, like other types, need regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure that they are in good condition and can safely support the weight of the goods stored on them. Consider the cost of repair or replacement of the components to ensure long-term functionality of the system. 

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