Industrial Shelving

Canadian Rack is VAR for Metalware industrial shelving. Industrial shelving comes in different gauges of steel – the thicker the steel, the more weight the shelving can bear. At Canadian Rack, we sell industrial-quality shelving that is designed for heavy loads typical of storage warehouses. Because our shelves are manufactured with only the highest quality design and materials, when you buy Canadian Rack durable and load-tested shelves you can be confident that your products will be stored and retrieved safely. Our shelving is also a great alternative for retail display units. Available in standard and custom colours.

Canadian Rack and Metalware Interlok No-Bolt shelving design is based on three guiding principles:

  • Strength: The ultimate in strength and rigidity has been obtained by the wedge-type combination of shelf and brackets.
  • Economy: Assembly cost is a vital factor. Interlok No-Bolt shelving eliminates obsolete methods of assembly. Nuts, bolts and tools have been removed from the equation, saving up to 80% of assembly time.
  • Efficiency: Shelves can easily be rearranged and all component parts installed without dismantling. Interlok No-Bolt is the only shelving completely assembled in an upright position. There is no additional floor space needed for the process of assembly. 


Industrial shelving

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