Modular Drawers

Canadian Rack Technologies is now providing integrated modular drawers for tools and small parts storage.

As an authorized distributor of Metalware Corporation Inc products Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. is happy introduce such and efficient new product designed to save storage space which in turn save on operation costs and help with efficient order picking and small parts storage.

Below you will find the introduction video just released by Metalware that shows how easily the drawers are to install and shows how much existing consumed space can be condensed by using the new modular drawers.

These modular drawers will be a hit with manufacturers that need to keep small parts and tools separated and ready for quick access. These modular drawers will also be great for e-commerce fulfillment centers that require keeping small items separated and the ease of access ready for pick and pack. The automotive industry should find these modular drawers as most useful for small auto parts in the manufacturing sector, dealerships, automotive centers aftermarket stores and so on.

Available in the following sizes:

3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” High

18”, 24” Deep

36”, 48” Wide

450 LB capacity per drawer (UDL).



Metalware Modular Drawers For Industrial Shelving Units


Intergrated Modular Drawers

Modular Drawers For Metalware








Metalware Industrial Shelving








Metalware Drawers

Metalware Modular Drawers For Shelving Units








Modular Drawers

Modular Drawers For Metalware








Metalware Integrated Modular Drawer

Multiple Modular Drawers











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