Case Study: Optimizing Warehouse Space and Efficiency with a Custom Heavy-Duty Racking Solution for a 3PL Provider


Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. is at the forefront of designing and implementing both standard and custom storage solutions, meeting the wide-ranging needs of our clients. This case study showcases our adeptness in delivering a storage system custom-tailored to address our client’s unique challenges, underlining our commitment to optimizing space efficiency and functionality for 3PL operations.

Client Background:

The client, a premier third-party logistics (3PL) provider, approached Canadian Rack Technologies with a specific storage dilemma. They needed an efficient way to store large wooden spools of wire, maximizing their vertical space while ensuring materials were easily accessible. The complexity of this requirement called for a custom solution capable of supporting heavy loads and conforming to the unique dimensions of their products.


The primary challenge lay in crafting a storage system robust enough to accommodate thousands of pounds of wire on large wooden spools, making the most of the client’s vertical space. The solution had to offer ease of access for loading and unloading, and it needed to seamlessly integrate with the client’s ongoing operations without causing workflow disruptions.


Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. rose to the occasion with a bespoke heavy-duty racking system:

  • A dual-level setup was outfitted with heavy-duty reel holders, engineered to store and handle the large wooden spools of wire efficiently, showcasing our ability to deliver custom racking solutions tailored to specific challenges.
  • The deployment of heavy-duty 4.5” x 3.25” column bolted frames, a novel design in the North American market, provided unmatched strength and stability for the client’s demanding load requirements, reflecting our expertise in custom storage racks.
  • Our comprehensive service extended beyond design and manufacturing, ensuring the system’s prompt delivery and installation at the client’s site, maintaining the highest levels of service excellence and client satisfaction.


The tailored storage solution from Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. adeptly met the client’s requirements, offering:

  • Effective use of vertical space for the storage of heavy spools of wire, significantly boosting storage capacity and operational efficiency in the 3PL sector.
  • Smooth access to the stored materials, streamlining operations and the handling process for wire spools, essential for warehouse storage solutions.
  • A storage system designed for durability and stability, capable of supporting extensive loads, ensuring safety and integrity of the stored items.


This project underscores Canadian Rack Technologies Inc.’s commitment to crafting innovative and custom storage solutions that tackle our clients’ distinct challenges. Our prowess in designing, manufacturing, and executing bespoke systems reaffirms our leadership in the storage solutions industry, especially for 3PL providers. We continue to aid businesses in the 3PL sector and beyond, driving their operational goals forward with efficient and effective storage solutions.

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Kevin Ausman is the founder of Canadian Rack Technologies. He has over 30 years of experience in providing safe and efficient turn-key storage solutions and he specializes in pallet racking, pick systems, industrial shelving, mezzanines, cantilever racks, and more. Kevin is dedicated to providing great customer service, listening to client’s needs, and supplying the best products available.

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