Case Study: Scalable Pallet Racking and Storage Solutions to Expand Operations for an Electrical and Hardware Supplier


Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. excels in delivering innovative industrial storage racking solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse industries. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every project, ensuring that client storage requirements are addressed with the highest quality and efficiency. This case study showcases our team’s expertise in executing large-scale pallet racking installations, affirming our dedication to client satisfaction and exceptional service.

Client Background:

In this project, we partnered with a leading name in the electrical and hardware supply industry, a sector characterized by its dynamic storage needs due to fluctuating inventory levels and varying operational demands. Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. has become a trusted collaborator, having worked with this client on numerous projects over the past year. Once again, the client entrusted us with the task of enhancing their storage capacity to support their growing business operations, relying on our proven track record in providing effective warehouse storage solutions.


The primary challenge was to significantly increase the client’s storage capacity to match their growth pace. The project involved the design and installation of more than 50 sections of new pallet racking within a limited timeframe, while ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations. Customizing the storage solution to improve efficiency and accessibility was crucial, taking into account the unique requirements of the client’s inventory management system.


Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. tackled these challenges with a comprehensive approach:

  • Our specialists conducted an in-depth analysis of the client’s facility to create a customized industrial storage racking solution that maximized space utilization and operational efficiency.
  • We utilized our extensive in-house selection of high-quality, durable racking components to supply the necessary pallet racking sections, guaranteeing the reliability and longevity of the storage solution.
  • Demonstrating our unwavering commitment to client-focused service, our adept installation teams completed the project with precision, adhering strictly to the timeline and minimizing any impact on the client’s operations.


The project yielded exceptional outcomes, including:

  • The rapid and successful installation of over 50 new sections of pallet racking, significantly boosting the client’s storage capabilities.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with a pallet racking solution expressly designed for the client’s specific inventory requirements, ensuring improved accessibility and management.
  • Strengthened client relations, reinforcing Canadian Rack Technologies Inc.’s position as a go-to source for comprehensive warehouse storage solutions.


This project highlights Canadian Rack Technologies Inc.’s commitment to delivering premier service and pallet racking solutions. Our ability to customize installations to meet the distinct needs of our clients, combined with our dedication to quality and efficiency, sets us apart in the industry. We look forward to continuing to serve the electrical and hardware supply industry and beyond, contributing to their growth and operational success with our innovative warehouse storage solutions.

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Kevin Ausman is the founder of Canadian Rack Technologies. He has over 30 years of experience in providing safe and efficient turn-key storage solutions and he specializes in pallet racking, pick systems, industrial shelving, mezzanines, cantilever racks, and more. Kevin is dedicated to providing great customer service, listening to client’s needs, and supplying the best products available.

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