Pallet Racks in Toronto

What Are Pallet Racking Systems?

Essentially, pallet racking systems are shelving units designed to hold pallets in a warehouse, maximizing space by using vertical stacking. Pallet racking systems allow for the use of pallet trucks and forklifts to easily maneuver between the shelving units and remove, rearrange, and replace pallets from the racks when needed.

Pallet Racking System Safety Consideration

When choosing a pallet racking system, it’s important that it’s acquired from and installed by a licensed and reputable company with experience in installing racks. This is to ensure the safety of your warehouse staff when manipulating stock items within the rack. Having a company without qualifications install your racking could be dangerous and cause a multitude of problems down the road.

Why Choose Pallet Racking from Canadian Rack Technologies?

Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. has an in-house crew of professionally trained and certified installers ready to take on any storage system project. Our team of design and installation experts will assemble your storage solution on site, ensuring that all safety standards are met. You can have peace of mind knowing that your project has been installed by Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. professionals who understand your solution from start to finish.

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