Industrial Pallet Storage Products

What Is Efficient Industrial Storage Racking?

Industrial storage racking systems offer efficient storage solutions for existing warehouses.

Industrial storage racks can be installed without making any structural changes to a warehouse or the building, as they are fully customizable and work within the existing space. This can help reduce costs and maximize the floor space already available.

Why Choose Industrial Pallet Racking for Your Warehouse?

There are three main reasons why you should choose industrial pallet racking for your GTA-based warehouse:

  • Save Space: Industrial pallet racking can help you save valuable warehouse space, even allowing you to gain space you never knew you had. Industrial pallet racking can be customized to fit virtually any warehouse space and can maximize even narrow spaces for pallet storage when needed.
  • Safe and Secure: Industrial pallet racking is a safer solution than using other forms of racking or no racking at all. Racks are created to keep pallets securely in place, taking the safety and security of your products and, more importantly, your warehouse staff into account.
  • Efficiency: Using industrial pallet racking will make your warehouse more efficient. Having a customizable plan that allows you to strategically place pallets and then easily access them with minimal disruption will allow for a more efficient workday and increased productivity.

Our Industrial Pallet Storage Products

Canadian Rack is a full turnkey integrator of material handling and storage products and solutions for you storage warehouse or distribution center. We carry the full array of storage products that will solve all your storage challenges. Products include;

  • Selective (standard) pallet racking : Selective pallet racking is the pallet rack system most commonly found in warehouse storage facilities today. Selective or standard pallet racks provide easy product inventory management and direct access to pallets. Selective pallet racking systems are a cost-effective storage solution.
  • Double-deep pallet racking: A double deep pallet rack is a variant of a selective rack, in which pallets are stored two rows deep instead of one. Each pick slot now has a front and a rear pallet. A “deep reach” forklift is required to load and unload this type of racking. Double deep pallet racking increases storage efficiency by improving pallet density.
  • Very narrow aisle pallet racking(VNA): When using a very narrow aisle (VNA) pallet racking system, pallet racks can be placed closer together than with other solutions. This is because they are loaded and unloaded using a side loading fork truck or can work with order pickers on a wire-guided system. This enables aisles to be extremely narrow and ensures that space is used efficiently.
  • Push back pallet racking: Push back pallet racking systems operate similarly to pallet flow racks, in that they are also designed to utilize the natural force of gravity to move the pallets within the system. Each level in a push back pallet racking system holds a series of nested rolling carts, which operate in a lane that slopes upwards away from the pick face. A lift truck operator lines up in front of the first pallet and pushes against it, causing the first pallet to roll away from the pick face and expose the next cart. All carts are interlocked to prevent jamming and product damage.
  • Drive-in racking: Drive-in/drive-thru pallet racking systems have a single entry/exit point. The pallets are loaded and retrieved from the same side, making the last pallet loaded the first to be retrieved. The forklift loads a product onto the support rails by entering into the rack and retrieves it while backing out. This type of pallet rack is called a Last-In, First-Out inventory system, otherwise known as LIFO. This racking system is perfect for products that are not date-sensitive.
  • Pallet flow racking: The pallet flow racking system, also known as the gravity flow rack, is designed to utilize the natural force of gravity to move the pallet load into picking position, so it can be accessed by the forklift operator. Pallets are loaded from one side of the pallet rack and retrieved from the other.
  • Cantilever racking: Cantilever racking is ideal for loads that require no obstruction at the pick face, so that bulky and awkwardly sized or shaped products can be safely stored and accessed. This type of racking allows you to use your warehouse space more efficiently, i.e. you do not need to waste horizontal space with awkward posts and columns obstructing storage areas. Items best suited to such a system include furniture, building materials, piping, rolls, appliances, and flooring.
  • Mezzanines: Mezzanine storage platforms, designed with stability and versatility in mind, can be integrated into existing racking systems. Although a Mezzanine structure can be bolted to an existing building for support, it can also be easily relocated to another facility if your storage requirements change. Further, Mezzanines can be custom designed to suit your particular needs—we never assume that one size fits all.
  • Pick modules (multi-tier storage and pick solution)
  • Carton flow

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