Carton Flow Rack

Canadian Rack is an exclusive distributor for Span-Track®.

Span-Track® full-width roller, carton flow track (also known as case flow track) can be added to any new or existing pallet rack system – no shelves or intermediate supports are required. Tracks can easily be picked up and moved or rearranged by hand to suit your individual SKU’s. The beauty of Span-Track® is its simplicity and versatility.

These full-width flow tracks are extremely robust and durable, allowing loading capacities of up to 50lbs/sq.ft. while also providing outstanding real world abuse resistance. The full-width ¾” diameter rollers are made from tempered aluminum and spin on full length 3/16″ diameter steel axles.

The roller/axle assemblies are fixed to galvanized steel support channels helping provide a remarkably efficient yet cost-effective carton flow product. The full-width rollers provide evenly distributed contact with the carton eliminating hang-ups and as a result provide great product flow throughout your system.

Span-Track® fits into new or existing rack structures.

Features and Benefits of Span-Track®

  • Heavy Duty, Quality design ensures that it can withstand the roughest of applications
  • Seamless and unobstructed roll-ability
  • Excellent lane tracking and re-starting – no sticking even when cartons sit for long periods of time
  • Easily adjusts for changing SKU’s


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