Double Deep Pallet Rack

Double Deep is a variant of Selective Rack – pallets are stored two rows deep instead of one. Each pick slot now has a front and a rear pallet. A “Deep Reach” forklift is required to load and unload this type of racking.

Not only does Double Deep/Deep Reach Pallet Racking increase storage efficiency by improving pallet density, but it accomplishes this while maintaining a high number of pick faces in your warehouse. Thus, neither accessibility nor efficiency is compromised in this cost effective bulk storage system.

As each pick slot has a front and a back pallet, the pallet rack layout shown below involves back to back rows of 2-deep selective rack. In order to access the back pallet, a specially designed deep reach attachment is added to the lift truck. From the aisle, the lift truck can access the front pallet and with the use of the reach attachment can “reach in” to access the back pallet. Last In First Out (LIFO) inventory is easily accommodated by placing the last pallet in the front slot so it is the first to be picked.

Features and Benefits of Double Deep Pallet Rack

  • Doubles the density of racking between the aisles
  • Provides double the storage space per SKU to accommodate faster movers
  • Reduces space needed for aisles
  • Flexibility – reach trucks equipped with deep reach attachment can still fulfill all other reach truck functions.

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