Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet Flow Pallet Racking Systems, also known as gravity flow rack, are designed to utilize the natural force of gravity to move the pallet load into picking position, so it can be accessed by the forklift operator. Pallets are loaded from one side of the pallet rack and retrieved from the other. Once loaded, the pallet flows downward, without much effort, to the unloading end. From there the forklift operator can easily take the pallet to the desired location. Because pallets are loaded from the back end and unloaded from the front, it allows racking to be filled with pallets with fewer aisles needed.

The pallet racks are sloped and equipped with metal skate wheels. When the heavy pallets are loaded they glide forward on the wheels, courtesy of their weight and inclination of the racks, to the front picking position, coming to rest on pallet stops that prevent them from flowing out of the system. As each load is removed from the front, the next pallet load behind moves forward automatically, ready to be retrieved from the picking aisle. The first pallet you load on the rack is the first one out on the picking aisle. This First In, First Out inventory retrieval system, also known as FIFO, is perfect for perishable items that are date-sensitive.

Pallet Flow pallet racking systems allow for back-to-back storage of pallets that leads to maximum space utilization of your existing warehouse space. There is no limit on the depth of the pallet lanes as they can easily be designed to store as many as 20 pallets deep and many levels high.

Features & Benefits of Pallet Flow Pallet Racking

  • Gravity flow pallet picking system
  • Heavy duty skate wheels allow pallets to easy flow downward to picking position
  • Allows for quick and efficient inventory turnover
  • High density storage utilizes warehouse space with fewer aisles
  • Can store as many as 20 pallets deep and multiple levels high
  • Quick, immediate access to every product
  • Able to accommodate full pallet loads


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