Pick Modules

What Is a Pick Module?

A pick module is an integrated system combining shelving, racking, and conveyors for an optimized warehouse picking process. Often used in distribution centres, pick module systems streamline the order fulfillment workflow by consolidating items into a dense area for more efficient picking and packing operations.

The main perks of using pick modules are better inventory control, higher picking accuracy, and quicker order processing.

How a Pick Module Works

When needed for an order, an item is retrieved by a worker or automated system from its spot in the module. Items are then placed on conveyors that move them quickly to a central packing area. The pick module’s layout is designed to minimize travel time and speed up picking, often using gravity-fed conveyors to move items from higher to lower levels. By optimizing tasks and paths, pick modules streamline operations, reduce costs, and boost output in warehouse facilities.

Benefits and Limitations of Pick Modules

  • All systems are custom-designed and engineered
  • Unmatched attention to detail when designing the system
  • Can incorporate different storage systems such as push-back and flow rack
  • Single-, double-, or triple-plus-level systems are available
  • Full or split case picking can be supported
  • CAD drawings and simulations provided with each pick module proposal
  • Custom powder-coated finishes are available
  • Maximize the vertical space in your distribution centre
  • Improves throughput and efficiency for a wide range of applications
  • Systems can be designed to expand as your business grows

Design Considerations for Pick Modules

  • Product dimensions
  • Operation workflow
  • Labour availability
  • Current and desired throughput rates
  • Facility layout and configuration
  • Scalability

Specifications & Components of Pick Modules

  • Aisle Width: Narrow aisles increase storage but require precision, while wider aisles ease navigation at the expense of storage capacity. The most common width is 48”.
  • Product Replenishment: Replenishment needs can range from daily to weekly, affecting the choice between manual labour (hand stacking, product flow racks), forklift-supported (pallet flow, exterior racks), and automated systems like conveyor belts or automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS).
  • System Height: Single-, double-, and triple-plus-level systems are available, with a typical head clearance of 84”. Taller storage modules increase density but require special equipment for safe, efficient access to high levels.
  • Weight Capacity: Proper consideration of both maximum weight and its distribution is crucial. The typical floor capacity is 125 pounds per square foot (psf).
  • Racking / Shelving Styles: Various racking and shelving styles like selective pallet racks, carton flow, push-back, and cantilever racks offer solutions for different storage needs including first-in, first-out (FIFO); last-in, first-out (LIFO); bulk; and high-density storage.
  • Safety: The design and operation of your pick module must meet strict safety standards, including clear marking of high-traffic areas, installation of guardrails and netting, and regular maintenance.
  • Price Range: The choice of materials, equipment, and technologies will influence cost. We offer competitive pricing on all our products.

Applications of Pick Modules

  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Grocery
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Pharmacy
  • Beer, wine, and liquor distribution

Installation and Maintenance of Pick Modules

The installation process involves planning the module framework for seamless integration with warehouse operations, using tools like power drills and wrenches, and applying spatial design knowledge to maintain goods flow and safety.

Maintaining pick modules demands regular inspections to ensure structural integrity, including checking for wear and ensuring fastening mechanisms like bolts and brackets are secure to maintain stability and prevent breakdowns.

Accessories and Customization of Pick Modules

Equipping pick modules with accessories and various customization options can significantly enhance their functionality.

  • Dynamic flow racks facilitate gravity-fed product movement, optimizing restocking and retrieval times.
  • Customized label holders allow for easy inventory identification, particularly during high-volume periods.
  • Modular work platforms provide safe and convenient access for pickers at various levels.
  • Telescopic conveyors benefit warehouses handling diverse item sizes by facilitating efficient loading and offloading directly into containers or trucks.
  • Barcode scanners and pick-to-light systems streamline the picking process and reduce errors by signaling the correct product locations and quantities to operators.
  • Protective guard rails and netting safeguard personnel and inventory from accidents or falls.

Upgrade Your Warehouse Efficiency with Tailored Pick Modules

Is a pick module system the solution for your storage racks in Ontario? Revolutionize warehouse operations with custom pick modules from Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. Designed to optimize the picking process, these solutions enhance efficiency and workflow in distribution centres. Tailored for easy access and quick retrieval, they fit seamlessly with existing setups, accommodating both bulky items and fast-moving goods.

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What Can a Pick Module Do for My Operations?

A pick module can significantly improve warehouse efficiency and productivity by enhancing picking speed and accuracy, maximizing storage space, reducing labour costs, and advancing inventory management through technology integration.

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