Used Pallet Rack

Canadian Rack inventories a large supply of used industrial pallet rack; our more popular brands are Redi Rack and Triple A profiles. We also carry Interlake, Mastor Rack, Cubic Rack, Centennial, and other brands. Give us a call to see if any of our current inventory fits your needs. Issues such as structural component integrity, load capacities, proper welds and the gauge of the material are frequently overlooked by the buyer of used equipment. Used material sold by Canadian Rack is carefully evaluated prior to being offered for sale.

Features and Benefits of Used Pallet Racking

If you are looking to purchase pre-owned material or sell your used material handling equipment we can help.

  • We will clearly represent the condition and allowable capacity of used material offered for sale
  • Competitive pricing is assured
  • Inspection of our used material is encouraged
  • Offers for material are clear and transparent.
  • The tear down of your racking, if required, is done by our licensed insured team
  • Selling your material all in one transaction can save time and money
  • Credit can be applied to new rack purchased from Canadian Rack

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