Pallet Rack Inspection and Repairs

Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. is here to help with all your pallet racking inspection requirements. With strict regulations and surprise visits from the MOL (Ministry of Labour), your pallet rack or related industrial storage system should always be in optimal working condition, free of any damage or defects such as missing beam clips, anchors, row spacers and other related possible problems.

We provide thorough pallet racking inspection services. We are available to create an annual inspection service, perform bi-annual inspections, or customize an inspection routine unique to your needs. We can repair and replace any damaged components to make sure you never run into any issues with the MOL or potential costly stop work orders that would interfere with your daily operations. We repair and replace damaged pallet racking frames.

Inspection Inspection

How Safe Are Your Pallet Racks?

Employers are legally liable for providing safe working conditions for employees and working to minimize unnecessary and foreseeable health and safety risks. Routine warehouse pallet racking inspections in Mississauga can help prevent injuries by quickly identifying racking system defects and damages.

At Canadian Rack Technologies Inc., our expert racking engineers will thoroughly review the current state of your racking systems and make appropriate and applicable recommendations to bring them up to code and correct any potential issues.

We provide thoroughly detailed pallet racking system reviews to ensure that you have all of the tools and information you need to guarantee your racking systems are in total compliance with MOL standards. Our licensed engineers are also qualified to perform comprehensive PSRs (pre-health and safety reviews) before the installation and application of new pallet racking systems in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers.

Pallet racking systems require professional inspection on a regular basis (at least once a year or once every six months). You can count on the experts at Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. to guarantee the optimal safety and functionality of your pallet racking systems.

Pallet Rack Inspection and Repairs

When to Inspect Your Pallet Racking System

When is there a need for pallet racking inspection? The following is a list of instances in which pallet racking warehouse inspection services are mandatory by law in Ontario.

New Pallet Rack Installation

All new pallet rack installations in Ontario must undergo thorough health and safety inspections by a licensed engineer prior to use. Comprehensive post-installation inspections and reviews give you and your workers peace of mind. Defects, missing components, and system deficiencies can be identified prior to use to safeguard you and your crew and prevent potential operational delays and injuries down the line. New pallet rack installation inspections can also give you the tools, information, and recommendations you need to correct these issues and save you money.

Corporate Safety Initiative

Scheduling routine warehouse racking inspections shows your workers that you care about their health and safety. It also gives you the opportunity to educate workers on proper workplace safety etiquette and how to use the warehouse equipment correctly, so they can maximize productivity and adhere to safety standards.

Perform Timely Reassessments to Keep Racks Up to Code

While performing timely reassessments of your pallet racking systems aren’t necessarily mandatory by law, they are highly recommended and beneficial for maintaining the safe operations of your business. Equipment assessments should be performed on a regular basis by a licensed engineer to ensure that all of your material handling equipment and pallet racking systems are in excellent working condition at all times.

Repairs, Replacements, and Modifications

Warehouse pallet racking inspection services are required by law any time you make system reconfigurations or modifications. Repairs, maintenance, and part or system replacements are included in this category. Inspections guarantee that all modifications and reconfigurations are in full compliance with the MOL health and safety codes. They also reduce the risk of operational delays as a result of pallet racking system malfunctions and help keep your warehouse incident-free for as long as possible.

Regulatory Compliance and Reconfiguration Review

The province of Ontario requires routine pallet racking system inspections complete with safety ratings to ascertain that your pallet racking systems are in excellent working condition. As mentioned, employers are legally liable to ensure the overall health and safety of all workers while on the jobsite and this includes guaranteeing safe operation of all onsite equipment. To reduce the risk of injury, make sure your employees are fully educated about health and safety standards in your warehouse and how to safely operate the equipment including pallet racking systems.

Ongoing safety and equipment operation training is highly recommended.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Whether you’re purchasing a brand new or used pallet racking system, it’s important to carefully review and test every component to identify potential defects ahead of time. Only licensed engineers and pallet racking specialists are legally authorized to inspect new pallet racking systems in Ontario prior to purchase and installation. The professionals have the proper expertise to comprehensively review pallet racking equipment.

At Canadian Rack Technologies Inc., we use extensive pallet racking checklists to confirm that the equipment is completely safe to use and up to code.

Performance Benchmarking

Running multiple facilities isn’t without its challenges. One of the most pressing challenges is making sure that all of your equipment across all of your warehouses and distribution centers are operating at a consistent level. Hiring a reputable third-party pallet racking inspection company like Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. can help guarantee the safety and optimization of your equipment across the board.

Operations and Safety Optimization

Another benefit of hiring a prominent warehouse inspection service such as Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. is that we can help you quickly identify operational and safety deficiencies in your facility that are decreasing worker productivity and costing you money. Our team of experienced engineers can map out a suitable operational plan to help you improve and maximize system productivity based on your facility design and the size of your workforce.

With over 25 years of experience in the pallet racking industry, Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. has gained a wealth of knowledge and insight when it comes to providing ideal warehouse storage solutions to our customers across North America. Our areas of expertise include providing warehouse safety inspection services, pallet racking storage products, performing PSRs, and so much more. We provide a full-service inspection package that includes examining the layout and design of your facility, as well as your supply and delivery operations along with an annual inspection program and providing a letter of certification. Contact us today to learn more or to book a pallet rack inspection.

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