Pallet Rack Repair Services

Canadian Rack provides quick pallet rack repair services in warehouses all over Ontario Canada.

Does Canadian Rack provide emergency rack repairs?

Yes. We provide emergency frame replacement services when required and have 100’s of clients that rely on us for all their warehouse rack repair requirements. Most of our warehouse storage rack repair services are required due to accidents involving a forklift running in to a pallet rack upright.

Can Canadian Rack provide pallet rack replacement parts?

Yes. One of the benefits of having Canadian Rack help with you pallet rack repairs is we have a large in-house inventory of pallet racking frames, pallet rack beams and other warehouse storage rack related accessories.

We can quick ship most regular duty standard size Redirack compatible components from our stock.

If we do not have your required frame in stock we have a great relationship with many of the pallet rack manufacturers in the industry and can usually order the required storage system frame or beams rather quickly.

Does Canadian Rack provide teams for rack replacement services?

Yes. Our professionally trained in-house installation technicians are standing by ready for dispatch to help with your replacements or repairs. Our teams are on sites to change an average of 2 to 3 frames per week.

We are not limited to only single frame repairs, we have gone into facilities that have required dozens of their pallet rack frames to be replaced, identified during our storage system inspections. Our inspection programs are a great way to get all your damaged racking components identified and replaced or repaired.

What do I do if I have a damaged pallet rack upright?

We have a very easy 3 step process for damaged pallet rack frames / uprights:

  1. First things first, unload all product from the beam elevations on both sides of the damaged pallet racking upright (unload the one side if an end frame).
  2. Next grab some caution tape and tape an X from each of the next uprights directly beside the damaged racking upright (from damaged frame to next frame if an end frame).
  3. Now contact us right away and leave the rest up to us to get the problem fixed!

Problem solved.

Did you know?

With so many pallet racking companies in the Ontario area only a very few offer an all in one pallet rack repair service? Most other companies are not really much more than a fancy website. They have no stock of their own, or in-house installation team, no equipment, in turn having to outsource everything! Not Canadian Rack Technologies, we are a full in-house service company with a large selection of pallet racking in stock, and one of very few to offer this great solution.

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