Pallet Racking Inspections

Canadian Rack Technologies offers pallet racking storage system safety inspections. We offer many types of inspection programs from simple assessment inspections all the way up to tailor made safety inspection solutions and reports designed for each unique and different scenario. We can offer monthly storage system inspections, quarterly pallet rack inspections, or annual safety inspection programs. We do not have any limits on our storage system inspection plans, it’s all designed to meet your needs.

Why do I require an inspection of my pallet racking or storage system?

In Ontario Canada provincial and federal codes have many steel storage system codes and regulations that require to be followed and up to date. These codes change from time to time and as professionals in the industry Canadian Rack Technologies can help you with this as we are up to date with current codes and regulations. Another reason you require to keep up to date on your storage system inspections is the MOL (Ministry Of Labor) requires employers to designate an employee to perform weekly or monthly inspections of your pallet racking system and keep records. The MOL also suggests that a competent industry professional or an engineer perform at least one yearly inspection of your warehouse storage system.

Why Canadian Rack for your warehouse rack inspections?

Safety First, integrity and client convenience. That’s our policy. We can do it all for you, one stop, turn key inspections and repairs. Sure you can hire an expensive engineering firm to do the inspections, but then you will still have to find a reputable pallet racking company to provide the required replacement parts, schedule delivery of the material, find and hire a reliable installation crew to perform the repair or replacement of damaged parts and then get the engineering firm to come back and start all over again.

At Canadian Rack we can offer a simple inspection / assessment of your warehouse racking system to make sure everything is up to date, the storage system is safe and free of damage, in good working condition and most important up to all codes. If you require repairs or replacements we can provide the material (from stock if available) and our own professionally trained in-house install teams to perform the work. We can also provide updated drawings if required. All before an engineer ever has to show up on site.

Then if you require a PSR (Pre-Start Health And Safety Report) or related documentation we can provide these and the required engineering service at a much lower cost since all the deficiencies have been corrected and now all that is required is for a professional engineer to check and certify all information provided on your storage system is correct on the required documentation and provide an engineered stamp on the drawings and supporting documents to show the engineer endorses and takes responsibility that all the data/information provided is correct.

What makes Canadian Rack Technologies warehouse storage system inspection services different?

Experience. Years and years of it. Not only do we look for existing problems we look for potential future problems that may have never been noticed or overlooked, and with our vast past experience with storage system solutions we are quick to pick out storage system operational deficiencies and wastes of space, thus giving us the know how to provide valuable suggestions to help improve on your systems operational efficiency and gain back of valuable space. Some times this fact alone can save you more money than you had invested on inspections and repairs.

Did you know?

Most engineering firms will not even send an engineer to inspect your storage system? In most cases they will send a representative from their firm that does not even have an engineering degree or title. The inspector they send will then report back to the firm with their findings to the engineer who will then provide his P-ENG stamp to the drawings and documents (after the deficiencies report the engineering firm has provided the end user has been rectified and corrected by the end user if required).

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