Pallet Rack Accessories In Stock

Canadian Rack has a large stock of new Pallet Rack Accessories in-house available for quick ship or pick up.

We carry a large range of pallet rack accessories as follows:


Pallet rack post guards

Pallet Rack Post Protectors

12′ tall

18″ tall



End of Aisle Guards (Rack PAL)

end of aisle guards

42″ Left and Right

48″ Left and Right





Row Spacers






3/8″ x 4″

1/2″ x 4.5″

5/8″ x 4.5″

5/8″ x 6″


Beam Clips

Lock in your beams to the upright so beams do not pop out of place.




Frame Shims

Shims are required to keep your uprights plumb.




Left and Right Reel Holders

The reel holders attach to the uprights on each end of your racking to hold reels of wire and other types of materials that need to be secured as a roll.





These dividers attach to the pallet rack beams act as dividers to keep your material separated

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