Wire Mesh Decking In Stock

Canadian Rack stocks universal wire mesh decks for pallet rack.

wire mesh deck for pallet rack









Our wire mesh deck for pallet racking are compatible with most standard sizes of all types of selective pallet rack.

Quick ship all over North America available or pick up right away from our warehouses in GTA.

We keep the following new wire mesh deck sizes in stock:

24″ x 46″
24″ x 52″
32″ x 46″
36″ x 46″
36″ x 52″
42″ x 46″ (works with 4′, 8′ and 12′ beams)
42″ x 52″ (works with 9’beams)
42″ x 58″ (works with 10’beams)
44″ x 46″
44″ x 52″
48″ x 46″
48″ x 52″
54″ x 46″

Please contact us about our used wire mesh decking inventory.

wire mesh decking in pallet racking for sale in Canada

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