Things You Should Know about Modular Drawers from Metalware

Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. is an authorized distributor of Metalware products, including its modular drawer system, which is designed to save storage space and in turn save on operation costs, help with efficient order picking, and improve small parts storage.

Here’s what you need to know about modular drawers and industrial shelving from Metalware.

Modular Drawers For Metalware

About the Integrated Modular Drawer from Metalware

The integrated modular drawer from Metalware maximizes the storage capacity in your warehouse while saving valuable space. It’s an entire system of drawers that can be customized to suit any storage need within a smaller footprint. Constructed from premium 18-gauge steel, these integrated modular drawer systems from Metalware consist of an eye-pleasing design that is durable, strong, and built to last.

The capacity of these welded modular drawers is up to 450 lbs.

As an added bonus, Metalware’s integrated modular drawer systems can easily be integrated with all current Interlok shelving units. This allows you to further maximize warehouse storage space. The drawer unit uses adaptor brackets that frame the unit into an existing Interlok shelving system. This increases security and stability of the modular unit. Coverage and support are handled by the boxed drawer-sides and Delrin Roller rail-system.

Daily use is easy with a full-length ergonomic handle that can provide easy push-pull maneuverability with a comfortable grip. Add in 20-gauge steel dividers and the whole system provides the ultimate customization and space maximization. Finally, the integrated modular drawer has a powder-coated finish to create a professional and clean system that is integrated into your warehouse.

Features and Options of Integrated Modular Drawers

At Canadian Rack Technologies Inc., we can customize a modular drawer system to suit your current space. The drawer systems have multiple options and features to suit your unique needs.


Metalware’s integrated modular drawer system is compatible with virtually any existing footprint and can be integrated with existing Interlok shelving units. They are fully adjustable as well for further compatibility within your current space.

Full-Height Drawer Sides & Face Fronts

Having full-height fronts and sides ensures security of the drawer’s contents and can prevent contents from being exposed to potential damage.

Ergonomic Design

Metalware’s integrated modular drawer system utilizes an ergonomic design for ease of use with virtually no friction. The handle grips are comfortable, and the mechanisms slide easily with minimal effort.

Drop-In Dividers

You can customize the drawers with unique drop-in dividers that can adapt to the size of the contents, keeping the modular drawer system properly organized and limiting damage from any co-mingling of products.


Each drawer has 450 lbs. of capacity and the extension can be customized with sliding pull-out and push-back for easy viewing and accessibility. The drawers come with a self-closing feature which further helps with organization.

Superior Construction

Metalware prides itself on construction and durability. Using only the highest quality materials and powder-coated finished for a stylish and clean look, you can count on these modular drawer systems to handle anything you throw at them for the long haul.


Metalware stands behind their products and covers every drawer with a five-year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Specifications of Integrated Modular Drawers

These modular drawers will be a hit with manufacturers that need to keep small parts and tools separated and ready for quick access. They will also be great for e-commerce fulfillment centres that require keeping small items separated and the ease of access ready for pick and pack.

The automotive industry should find these modular drawers most useful for small auto parts in the manufacturing sector, dealerships, automotive centers aftermarket stores, and so on.

The modular drawers are available in the following sizes:

  • 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” high
  • 18” and 24” deep
  • 36” and 48” wide
  • 450-lb. capacity per drawer (UDL)

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