Used Industrial Shelving in Toronto

Why Buy Used Industrial Shelving in Toronto?

Buying used industrial shelving and racking systems is not only a great way to save money, but can also be an ideal option when you need to be prepared for expansion, when you need to get industrial shelving and racking into your warehouse quickly, if you want to be assured of strength and durability, and if you also want to factor in protecting the environment.

Here’s a little more detail on why you might want to buy used industrial shelving and racking systems in Toronto.

Cost Effectiveness

If you’re aiming to save money, then you will want to look into buying used industrial shelving and warehouse racking. You could save as much as 30-40% versus buying new. This could be a major cost saving, especially if you need to increase your industrial shelving drastically or are predicting major growth.

Efficient Logistics/Readily Available

If the need arises where you need to expand your warehouse storage capabilities, buying used industrial shelving is the way to go. You can essentially keep any extra racking off-site and have it available as it’s needed.


Buying new industrial warehouse shelving can take time from the point of ordering, to manufacturing, to delivery. When buying used warehouse equipment, you can cut the time in getting it delivered to your location, as it’s already manufactured and ready to go.

Environmentally Friendly

Reusing old materials is a great way to save the environment, and you can do this with your industrial shelving needs. Instead of buying brand new, you’re helping save the planet by reusing shelving materials that may have been destined for the landfill.


Warehouse materials like industrial shelving and racks are very strong and durable. If you’re buying from a reputable company that inspects their used inventory, like Canadian Rack Technologies Inc., then you can rest assured that the strength and durability of the shelving unit are going to be top notch and it will last for many years.

Why Choose Canadian Rack Technologies for Used Industrial Shelving in Toronto?

If you are looking to purchase pre-owned material or sell your used material handling equipment & pallet racking Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. can help:

  • We will clearly represent the condition and allowable capacity of used material offered for sale
  • Competitive pricing is assured
  • Inspection of our used material is encouraged
  • Offers for material are clear and transparent
  • The tear-down of your racking, if required, is done by our licensed, insured team
  • Selling your material all in one transaction can save time and money
  • Credit can be applied to new racking purchased from Canadian Rack Technologies

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