Warehouse Systems Consulting in Toronto

Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. offers a wide range of warehouse consultation, management, and storage solutions in Toronto and the GTA. Custom-designed and expertly engineered warehouse storage systems are our specialty. Our team of experienced technicians and engineers will take the time to analyze your space and offer detailed warehouse consulting services to discuss your specific needs.

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Using a variety of building materials and resources, we’ll create a unique and fully functional warehouse storage design that maximizes your workflow capacity, enhances safety standards, and perfectly integrates the material handling procedures of your operation.

Warehouse Consulting Service in Toronto

At Canadian Rack Technologies Inc., our top priority is to help you establish a more organized operation to maximize workflow and safety standards. In addition to evaluating your current workflow operation to identify and eradicate inefficiencies and inaccuracies, we’ll also perform an in-depth fleet evaluation, install automated storage and retrieval systems to accelerate your processes, and provide extensive professional engineering services to ensure your operation always runs smoothly.

When it comes to warehouse consultation and management, you can trust the experts at Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. Our goal is to help you make your process more efficient by maximizing your storage space, tracking your energy usage, and optimizing the performance of your entire crew by providing them with the proper skills and tools to work smarter instead of harder.

Key Factors We Assess

 Warehouse consultation is a complex job that should only be handled by professionals with years of experience. Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. provides end-to-end warehouse consultation, management, and storage solutions based on our in-depth assessments in a variety of areas including production efficiency (in and out of production), types of products being stored, type of lift equipment being used, and weight capacity requirements.

We also assess the amount of movement and flow of material as well as employee traffic on an average workday. Based on the abovementioned criteria, we make recommendations for the storage systems that are best suited for your current operational setup.

Other key assessment considerations include:

  • The frequency with which orders are picked and moved
  • Packaging and shipping requirements
  • Whether you store perishable or non-perishable items
  • The amount of shelf space available and required
  • The type of material handling equipment you have on hand
  • Your item replenishment schedule

Why Choose Canadian Rack Technologies Inc.’s Warehouse Systems Consulting Services in Toronto?

If you need cost-effective, feasible, and high-quality warehouse consulting and storage solutions to optimize the performance of your operation, then look no further than Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. We’ve been in the warehouse consulting industry for many decades and have helped numerous fulfillment centers, manufacturing plants, and distribution facilities boost their operational standards.

Top-notch engineering, skill, product knowledge, and years of industry experience are the key to our success. In the end, all of these attributes benefit our clients as well. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive warehouse consulting services and how we can help you improve your operations and safety standards at a low cost.

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