What Are the Benefits of Adding Carton Flow to Racking Systems?

Typically used in warehouses and e-commerce distribution/fulfillment centers, carton flow racking systems are ideal for split high-volume case picking and low-volume case picking processes. Case picking involves moving large quantities of products by the case, whereas split case picking is the process of moving individual items from those cases. Both material handling processes require expert precision, easy access to stored materials, and organization.

Adding Carton Flow to Racking Systems
Carton Flow to Racking Systems

Carton flow is also referred to as “tote” or “case” flow in the racking system industry. This type of storage unit makes it easier to track and access inventory according to FIFO (first in, first out) standards while also making the movement process more efficient and less physically straining for your warehouse workers.

Here are a few benefits of adding carton flow to your operations.

Maximizes Space

Regardless of the size of your warehouse or distribution center, proper spacing between aisles is always an issue. Carton flow racking systems can help increase space capacity by about 50% compared to immovable rack and shelving systems. These racking systems make use of otherwise dead space that’s underneath the structure while also increasing working and storage capacity in your warehouse. These carton picking systems can also be deigned as multi level pick towers complete with conveyor systems to help manage easy movement of picked products. The pick tower structure is typically formed from a pallet racking system.

Increases Pick Locations

Due to their modular design, carton flow racking systems can help create more pick locations. This exponentially reduces forklift travel time, boosting material moving efficiency in your warehouse or distribution center, while also lowering your operation’s carbon footprint. Workers can rotate inventory based on FIFO standards at a much faster rate, facing products as they go.

Ergonomic Flexibility

 The ergonomic design of carton flow racking systems can reduce workplace injury rates by a landslide while also accelerating accuracy and efficiency in your product. Workers can easily reach for and access cases or each picking items as needed without putting undue strain on their joints or their backs. Greater efficiency and convenience also in turn increases productivity and satisfaction levels from your employees and your customers. Shipments will go out a lot faster and will therefore be delivered in a timely manner as promised.

Greater Product Visibility

The open-face design on all sides of carton flow racking systems also contributes to greater operational functionality and productivity. Since inventory is stacked using a FIFO organizational system, it’s easier to identify which items need to move forward or backward in the storage rotation. Workers can also easily locate and reach for the products that need to be moved without straining their muscles or doing a significant amount of heavy lifting.

Products are stored in a front-facing position for improved visibility on all sides. Since the racks are on wheels, they can physically be rotated as needed to maximize space and storage capacities.

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