What Are the Benefits of Buying a Used Pallet Racking System?

Brand new pallet racking systems can be quite pricey, but luckily, they aren’t the only option for your storage and warehousing needs.

With the cost of building and storage materials skyrocketing in the current market, you might be better off purchasing a used pallet racking system for your warehouse or distribution center. After all, what’s old can be made new again. And best of all, it’s great for the environment.

High-quality used industrial shelving in Toronto isn’t as hard to come by as you might think if you know where to look. As long as you work with a renowned supplier in Toronto and the GTA, you can easily get your hands on a clean, safe, well-maintained, high-weight capacity used pallet racking system that meets your storage needs.

Here are the benefits of purchasing used pallet racks in Toronto.

A Budget-Friendly Solution

Whether you’re a small business just getting off the ground or are trying to grow your operations, used pallet racking systems are an excellent cost-effective solution that can help you meet your storage requirements without breaking the bank.

Rather than opting for a lower quality racking system in order to stick within your budget, you could enjoy all the benefits of a high-quality storage system from popular brands like Redi Rack and Triple A profiles, as well as Interlake, Mastor Rack, Cubic Rack, and Centennial for a fraction of the price. Used pallet racking systems cost significantly less than newer models, but they offer the same level of functionality.

Great Value for Your Money and Increased Profits

By reducing your pallet racking expenditures, you can save more money and allocate costs towards other business expansion ventures. Plus, expanding your pallet racking system allows you more space to organize your existing inventory, improve productivity and efficiency levels, spread out weight distribution more evenly, and increase product inventory. All of these efforts amount to great value for your money and higher profits in the future.

High-Quality, Reliable Equipment

When you purchase used pallet racking in Mississauga and the GTA, you know that you’re getting a reliable piece of equipment that can meet your unique needs. After all, the pallet racks have already been tested in various demanding environments and have successfully been able to hold heavy loads and withstand wear and tear.

As mentioned above, most used pallet racking systems for sale are manufactured by reliable, local, well-known brands. This means that the racks are usually made with high-quality materials and are in accordance with industry and manufacturing standards.

Professional Inspections

One of the main benefits of purchasing a used pallet racking system, particularly from Canadian Rack Technologies Inc., is that the structural integrity of the shelving units, load capacities, welds, and the gauge of the material is inspected by experienced professionals to guarantee the quality and functionality of the used pallet racking systems and so the system can be certified by a P-ENG.

In addition, when you purchase used racks in Toronto from a renowned used pallet racking supplier, Canadian Rack will also help you to layout your warehouse or storage space to ensure that the pallet rack storage system is a good fit for your needs.

Professional Rack Installations

Canadian Rack has one of the industries most sought after in-house professional installation teams ready for quick, safe and proper installation of used pallet rack storage systems. We provide turn key systems, layout and design, supply, install and certify.

We Buy Used Pallet Racking

Are you moving, downsizing, or have a change of operations and no longer need your pallet racking system? Canadian Rack will buy your used pallet racking, we offer a fair value for your warehouse racking system and offer professional removal services so you can rest easy the removal will go smooth and be completed on time.

Trust Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. for Used Industrial Shelving in Toronto and the GTA

New or used, pallet racking systems are a great business investment. Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. provides high-end, professionally inspected, maintained, and installed new and used pallet racking systems in Mississauga, Toronto, and the rest of the GTA. Contact us today to get a free quote or speak to one of our specialists.


Kevin Ausman is the founder of Canadian Rack Technologies. He has over 30 years of experience in providing safe and efficient turn-key storage solutions and he specializes in pallet racking, pick systems, industrial shelving, mezzanines, cantilever racks, and more. Kevin is dedicated to providing great customer service, listening to client’s needs, and supplying the best products available.

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