What You Need to Know before Buying Pallet Racks in the GTA

Buying pallet racks in Toronto and the GTA for your business can be a daunting task. There’s a lot you need to consider throughout the process, especially the pallet racking conditions. This article provides valuable information to help you get started on the research process.

New Pallet Racking System

There are two types of pallet rack dealers: stocking and non-stocking. Stocking dealers keep an inventory or stock of pallet racking systems and components in their warehouses. They usually buy the product in bulk directly from the manufacturer and can therefore get excellent discounts, which means they can offer their customers a great price. They also have the advantage of having material right now, right away as opposed to only having the option of lead times some times as long as 8 to 12 weeks, and currently at the time this article was written up to 20 weeks due to high demand and lack of available steel supply.

Non-stocking dealers don’t purchase the pallet racks in bulk. They also don’t store or stock them in a warehouse until someone needs to purchase pallet racking. Instead, they purchase the made-to-order pallet racking systems directly from the manufacturer and then ship them to their customers direct from the pallet rack manufacture. Because the pallet racks are custom made-to-order, the lead time (the time between placing and completing the order) is a lot longer when you buy pallet racks from a non-stocking dealer (once again up to 20 weeks from time of order).

Manufacturer warranties will remain the same whether you purchase your racking systems from stocking or non-stocking dealers.

One of the greatest benefits of buying new pallet racking in Ontario is it will come with a manufacturers engineer stamped drawing and letter of PSR exemption saving costly engineering fees for PSR certifications.

A note of caution: It may seem like an easy task to just go out and buy some cheap pallet racking to set up in your new warehouse but there are municipal and federal codes, rules and regulations set into place to keep employees and the general public safe in the work place. If you do not do it right the first time it could become very expensive to replace and repair later. There are government safety inspectors that will visit to make sure your storage system is in compliance and they do not discriminate, they visit all business big and small.

There may be cheaper solutions such as imported racking not made in Canada, non-certifiable or outdated and damaged material. Buyer beware! It is the consumers responsibility to be aware of Canadian CSA standards and regulations that state such things as welded steel storage systems being used in Canada require some sort of proof of CWB Certification on any welded components.

All recognized pallet racking manufacturers in Canada have identifying stamps somewhere on the beams and frames and other related storage system components in order to be able to trace back all the required information about the material such as CWB certification, engineering reports and capacity ratings from the original manufacturer of the pallet racking.

Cresswell Stamp on pallet rack beam

Make sure you are buying your pallet rack storage system from a reputable vendor. Buying local Canadian made pallet racking helps insure you are doing things right the first time. Buying Canadian made pallet rack (or local made racking to your area) makes it much easier to verify and help insure with the pallet rack manufacturer that the dealer is an authorized and reputable dealer of their products. Another benefit of buying local manufactured pallet racking is the rack capacities can easily be verified and identified by the storage system manufacture in accordance to obtain proper engineering reports and possibly required permitting.

Please be aware, at the end of the day you are responsible for the storage system and the safety of your team in your facility, not the person that sold it to you.

Used Pallet Racking System

Used pallet racking systems consist of equipment and components that have been previously used by other companies or clients. Companies might replace their pallet racking systems to accommodate infrastructural modifications such as downsizing or up-sizing inventory levels.

Purchasing used pallet racking systems can be a good investment for small companies that are just starting out. If you’re going this route, it’s important to carefully inspect every component of the racking system and make sure that the unit is up to code. Some pallet racking systems might be barely used or “like new” and have a few minor nicks or dents, but they’re still perfectly safe to use as long as the manufacture can be identified by some sort of stamp or marking on the material and still in business to verify materials capacity ratings when required.

One of the disadvantages of used pallet racking is it could possibly come with costly engineering fees to provide stamped drawings and PSR certification services. All steel storage systems in Ontario warehouses and factories require a PSR certification or an engineer stamped letter of PSR exemption from the manufacture. As the racking is used it will require recertification (PSR) by a P-ENG.

Buyers Tip: You should never buy used pallet racking sight unseen, you are responsible for the pallet racking in your facility and should be aware of what you are purchasing before you buy. Most used racking is sold as is and can only be re-certified by a professional engineer.

Again it is very important to purchase your pallet racking from a reputable and experienced storage solutions company with physical location to preview the shape and condition of the used pallet racking before purchasing.

In addition to checking the pallet racking conditions, you should also look into the background of the dealer. As there are many out there that claim to be dealers, some are not much more than a broker with a great looking website and contact number. Take the time to browse their company website, look for professional product photos (not stock images), investigate a companies presence on social media networks, and make sure you can get in contact with them at their place of business.

Refurbished Pallet Racking System

Like used units, refurbished pallet racking systems are also an affordable option for small businesses that need storage racks but are looking to save money or cut down costs. As always, make sure to validate that the pallet racking systems are in good condition before purchasing them. Schedule a thorough inspection conducted by a professional engineer to ensure the unit safety and that it’s in good working condition for the type of inventory you carry (volume, weight distribution, size, etc.).

Storage Needs and Budget

Storage and budget needs vary from one company to another. These elements determine the type of pallet racking system you’re going to need for your inventory. At Canadian Rack Technologies Inc., we provide a wide range of pallet racking designs including , selective racking, push back rack, drive-in pallet rack, double deep pallet racking systems, VNA storage systems, carton flow racking, cantilever racking and much more.

Check Local Industrial Standards

Lastly, it’s important to look into your local industrial codes and regulations before purchasing and installing a racking unit. The best way to guarantee that you’re getting a good deal and the right solution is to work with a reputable and professional pallet racking distributor in the GTA. Professional distributors have the knowledge and experience to check for loose components, broken pieces, rust, missing support beams, etc. They can provide the appropriate diagnostics and solutions to bring used and refurbished pallet racking systems up to code. They can also advise you on whether or not it’s worth spending your money on a particular unit or if you should look elsewhere.

Buy Canadian-Made Pallet Racks at Canadian Rack Technologies Inc.

Not all pallet racks in Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA are made the same. If you’re looking for high-quality and durable pallet racks that can stand the test of time and have excellent load-bearing capacities, then your best bet is to look into Canadian-made options. Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. is partnered with some of the biggest manufacturing names in the North American pallet racking industry to ensure that all of our products meet stringent industry and local regulatory standards. Contact us today to learn more.


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