Why Does Your Warehouse Need Carton Flow Racks?

Carton flow racking is a storage method that uses a FIFO (first-in, first-out) methodology. Carton flow racks move the products forward as they are picked from the rack’s front. This system can be added to nearly any preexisting pallet rack setup.

Carton Flow Rack

The shelves of a carton flow rack are equipped with gravity rollers to facilitate the smooth transport of boxes. The rack shelves are tilted at a downward angle so that items fall from the back (in feed) to the front (pick) of the storage unit (front). Often high-density storage of cartons and other lightweight products is possible with this system, resulting in reduced floor space requirements and enhanced inventory management.

Because the carton flow racking system cuts down the distances that need to be travelled throughout the warehouse and the amount of time spent on operational tasks, it is ideally suited for use in storage facilities that perform a high-volume of manual picking activities.

Important Features of Carton Flow Racks

  • Continuous and unimpeded rollability
  • Superior lane tracking that allows for high density
  • Designed for inventory holdings
  • Adjusts easily to varying SKUs 
  • Can withstand the roughest applications

How Does a Carton Flow Rack Work?

The roller platforms and slanted wheels of carton flow racks allow for the attachment of cartons and various other products. The cartons travel more easily along the roller track with the assistance of gravity, which carries products from the loading face to the picking aisle. The picking route will automatically advance to the next box when the previous one has been manually unloaded. 

Carton Flow Rack

This design is quite productive in contrast to the conventional static rack in which the items are stored. It reduces the need for personnel to transfer items around the warehouse, shortens the distance that goods must travel from the storage bay, and reduces the amount of time that products are stored for longer than necessary, all of which saves time and money.

Advantages of Carton Flow Racks

Using a carton flow racking system, as opposed to static racks, has many advantages. The following is a list of the primary benefits of using carton flow racks:

Less Picking Time and Improved Efficiency

Pickers can save time and energy by avoiding lengthy trips back and forth across the warehouse, thanks to pallet flow racks. Because of this, companies can save time and money by getting rid of slow-moving items, and also, since the products are conveniently situated, less time is spent moving and extracting unit loads by hand. 

Large Product Turnover

Carton flow racking is a practical and space-saving way to store and retrieve many items quickly. It’s useful for companies that deal with lots of the same things. On the other hand, carton flow racks can be configured in various ways and are highly flexible. Gravity flow systems can be adjusted to better accommodate seasonal changes in warehouse turnover.


Flow racks have several purposes. Different items need different-sized conveyors. Large engine parts are transported on steel roller conveyors. Skate-wheel conveyors move small, lightweight goods. Carton flow racks have simple, inexpensive motors and are easy to build. A carton flow system can be arranged in straight or curved lines to fit any warehouse design.

Effective Use of Available Space

Space utilization is a significant perk of carton flow rack systems. As a result of the optimized layout, this system can store more items in a given amount of warehouse square footage. Because carton flow racks usually don’t need forklift access, aisle lengths can be minimized. Instead of being discarded on the floor, used objects and boxes can be redirected into designated return lanes. In doing so, it makes it easier for workers to get to the pick shelves.

In-Stock Availability

With carton flow systems, convenience is a given. Picking areas can be made by installing racks beneath or inside the storage system. Due to the setup, high-volume picking may be done rapidly and accurately. Tilt trays in the picking area improve ergonomics by allowing for more horizontal movement.

Connects to More Extensive Storage

To facilitate better operations, warehouses utilize specialized machinery. Integration of carton flow systems with preexisting warehouse storage infrastructure is possible. Lower levels of pushback or selective racking can have carton flow shelves installed to better store and retrieve boxes of goods.

Options for Highly Compacted Storage

Using a carton flow system, even lightweight and small items can be stored relatively densely. Boxes can be stacked closely, back-to-back, and they don’t need to be separated as they’re transported from the loading bay to the pick station. The inclined rail system constantly restocks the pick face, ensuring that each row has a full complement of items. 

Allows for Personalized Order Handling

Modern fulfillment challenges can be overcome with the help of carton flow racking, a specialized storage solution. It’s one of the best ways to keep track of many small, non-palletized things like electronics or medical supplies that are being ordered in bulk. Carton flow rack systems are an alternative to standard shelving and are better suited to storing products in smaller, more easily retrievable containers like cartons or cases. Because the rails can be changed to various angles, even the most difficult-to-reach items may be reached in a matter of seconds. 

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