Why Your Warehouse Needs Rack Guard Netting Systems

Modern warehouses and fulfillment centers have limited wall-to-wall space to store the massive amounts of inventory that come through their doors on a daily basis. Hence, companies are investing in pallet racking systems with the capacity and height to store items as high up as possible. This creates a potential safety issue as some items can inadvertently become dislodged and fall off the rack during the material handling process.

Installing rack guard netting systems in your warehouse, manufacturing facility, or fulfillment center can significantly reduce the risk of on-the-job injuries and fatal accidents by preventing loose items from falling.

rack guard netting systems
Rack Guard Netting Systems

Features and Benefits of Installing Pallet Rack Guard Netting Systems

  • Pallet rack guard netting systems uphold and improve workplace safety standards
  • They reduce the risk of inventory damage and therefore lower overall losses
  • They can be customized according to the size, weight capacity, and other dimensions of your existing pallet racking systems
  • Rack guard netting systems are made with high-performance industrial-strength polymers in the form of durable see-through mesh that allows workers to easily see and access warehouse goods while still preventing loose items from becoming dislodged during various processes

Types of Rack Guard Netting Systems

Standard Offset Rack Guard Netting System

Available in sizes ranging from 2” to 12”, standard offset rack guard netting systems allow products and pallets to overhang by 4” or 6” settings depending on the size. They feature engineered brackets to keep the cables in place so that netting panels can be installed according to the specific dimensions of the pallet racking system.

Flushmount Rack Guard Netting System

Specifically designed with employee safety in mind, flushmount rack guard netting systems prevent products from falling off the shelves. These netting systems are affixed directly to the racking system, leaving no room for pallet or product overhang.

Rack Guard Netting System with Frame Extensions

Frame extensions allow companies to safely and securely extend the length and storage capacity of their existing racking systems without increasing the risk of product damage or free-falling. Engineered netting can be installed at the very top of the upper load beam to comply with safety standards.

Flue Space Netting

In warehouses and distribution centers, flue spaces are the unoccupied spaces that exist within the pallet racking systems from the floor to the ceiling. There are two types of flue spaces: transverse and longitudinal. Transverse flue spaces exist between the stored products parallel to the loading direction. Longitudinal spaces exist between back-to-back rows of pallet racks opposite the loading direction. Fallen objects lodged in either one of these spaces create serious safety and fire hazards. Flue space netting prevents this from happening.

Horizontal Rack Netting Systems

These netting systems are ideal for tunnel applications in racking layouts. They can also be installed to protect employees working in racking bays to retrieve products by preventing boxes on upper level racks from falling on them.

Pic Mod Safety System

Featuring aluminum safety rails and trolleys, these custom-engineered rack guard netting systems protect workers on elevated mezzanines and material handling equipment such as cherry pickers or forklifts. Workers don a durable safety harness that’s attached to the trolley, allowing them to enter top-level bays to retrieve products and eliminate the risk of falling over the edge.

Canadian Rack Technologies Inc. provides extensive warehouse storage solutions to manufacturing facilities, fulfillment centers, and supply chain companies across Ontario. We take worker safety seriously, which is why we also offer a line of custom-engineered rack guard netting systems to prevent workplace injuries. Contact us to learn more.


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