Everything You Need To Know About Selective Pallet Racking

Industrial facilities and solutions are essential to help speed up work processes and optimize activities within the workspace. One such innovative solution is the selective pallet racking system. 

Selective pallet racking is the most suitable method of storing and arranging for warehouses as they are flexible and make accessing things stored in the warehouse seamless. They are built to easily locate all items you need and move them around without moving the entire rack.

This article will discuss what you need to know about selective pallet racking, including the features, benefits, how to select the right one.

A selective pallet racking system is built in a single row configuration and in most cases is tied to another row to create a back to back configuration and is accessible from the front on both sides. Commonly called a double row. Single row configurations are limited by 6 to 1 height ratios and in some cases will require a cross aisle tie on top to support the single row and a chemical anchor instead of regular wedge anchors. Once a single row is tied into a double row configuration the total width of both rows together is factored into the 6 to 1 ratio. 

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Features and Benefits of Selective Pallet Racking

Some of the benefits of selective pallet racking are as follows:

Access Inventory Easily

Selective pallet racking provides you with easy access to the inventory and goods stored in the warehouse. Therefore, meeting customer demands won’t be as daunting as you can move the goods easily in and out of the storage space.

Maximize Storage Space

Selective pallet racking gives you the flexibility to stack product on top of one another through the use of multiple beam elevations, which means you can utilize your storage space adequately and efficiently. 


One exciting benefit of choosing selective pallet racking is that you can get your pallet racks customized to your specific need. As such, however you want it to be is how it’ll be designed and installed.


Selective pallet racking is as popular for its versatility alone as it is for its cost-effectiveness. Installing the racks won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and everything is very affordable, from the materials to the labour involved. Unlike other specialized systems such as double deep pallet racking, push back pallet rack, and drive in /drive thru pallet racks which require extra components and more intensive installation processes. 

First in, First Out

Selective pallet racking allows you to take advantage of the first in, first out storage system. That is, you get to arrange and move items in the order you received them.

Special Advantages of Selective Pallet Racking

Some of the special advantages of selective pallet racking are:

  • Durability: Most selective pallet racking is made from quality materials such as roll formed and structural steel. As such, they last very long.
  • Security: Due to the strength and quality of materials used in making these pallet systems, they are very secure, and you don’t risk being hit by falling rails or collapsing pallets.
  • Affordability: The best way to run a business is to ensure you maximize profits. There’s no better way to do so than by choosing systems that are affordable yet give you the satisfaction you need. Select pallet racking systems are very affordable.

How to Select the Right Selective Pallet Racking for Your Business

Before picking an industrial storage racking solution, there are a few factors to consider:


One major factor to consider when choosing a storage system is your budget. As tempting as it is to opt for cheaper alternatives, always ensure to invest in quality products and materials. Some of the things that will need to be considered as you prepare your budget are storage space, capacity of products being stored in the rack, type of lift equipment being used with the racking, installation, and rack design. 

Your Storage Needs

The kind of business you do determines the type of storage system you need. Some storage systems are more business -specific than others. For instance, you should opt for selective pallet racking if you need to store small products or require multiple locations for different products.

Sturdiness and Stability

Selective pallet racking is very safe due to the materials used in installing them. However, it’s important to ensure it can withstand the weight and load you intend to store or stack on them. There are many factors to designing a proper system as something as simple as changing the beam elevations can change the capacity ratings and require re-engineering and re-certifications. 


It is very important to know where your pallet racking is being manufactured and is highly recommended you purchase domestic / locally manufactured pallet racking so that the racking is 100% in compliance with local codes and certifiable. In most cases imported racking does not meet code, uses a lighter gauge of steel and is not designed to Canadian standards.


It is highly recommended to consult with a reputable supplier right from the start to make sure you are designing the most optimal system to increase your storage efficiency and to understand the functions and codes related to the storage system. A site visit may be the best way to start with your venture. 

How to Install Selective Pallet Racking

Pallet racking installation needs to be taken seriously. Here is a five-step process to ensure you do it right:

  • Ensure to verify CAD drawings with your customer
  • Make sure you are using a professional installation team that is familiar with the manufacturers racking
  • Schedule the installation time and the delivery of the rack as well as the equipment for installation
  • Install the racks according to the customer’s specifications and what you have in the drawings
  • Make sure racking is plumb and level
  • Fasten the racks to the concrete
  • Verify with customers again to confirm that they are satisfied

Tips to Maintain Selective Pallet Racking

When trying to maintain your pallet racking, consider following these tips:

Check Your Installation

The pallet racking system comes with guidelines. Ensure that the instructions are followed to the letter. In a case where you are unsure of the installation, ensure to contact a professional. It is recommended to always use a professional install team that is familiar with the manufacturers product and installation procedures

Check Your Safety Measures

A wide range of safety measures can be installed on your pallet racking system to help ensure safety and avoid accidents. Check these safety measures and ensure to invest in securing your business. Pallet rack safety guards such as frame guards and end of aisle guards are a highly recommended option to help with stopping damage caused by lift equipment. Another add-on feature is wire mesh deck to prevent product from falling to bellow and pallet bars to make sure pallets do not fall through the beams if they happen to be misplaced.

Check the Load Capacity

Ensure the loads are placed appropriately to avoid unnecessary movement and falling off the racks. Also, make sure every item loaded is securely placed on the racks and front and back of pallets are sitting firmly on the beams. It is also code to have capacity signage posted on the racking in a visible place so employees can identify the maximum capacity the racking can handle and hold by the pallet position.

Check Your Surroundings

Check your storage to ensure everywhere is clean and well-lit, as this is the best way to avoid warehouse accidents and damage to your goods.


When should you choose selective pallet racking?

Choose selective pallet racking for your warehouse if there’s an in-and-out movement of large quantities of goods. It provides easy accessibility to goods at all times.

What is the maximum height for selective pallet racking?

Pallet racking uprights come in heights of all sizes and are determined by the width to height ratio 6 to 1. Example to calculate a 42” wide frame the calculation would be 42” x 6 = 252” (21’).

How can I select the right one?

You can select the right one by determining how you can maximize space. Also, you should consider the kind of products you carry, assess your present shelving units, and check how accessible your space is. Most importantly you will need to determine your max capacity of each pallet.

How much weight can be placed on the selective pallet racking?

Each pallet racking system is designed for the capacity that is determined to be stored in that system, the most common capacity is 5,000 lbs. per level on an 8’ long beam or 2,500 lbs. per pallet position.

What is the cost?

Unfortunately, the cost of pallet racking is hard to determine before all factors have been considered as costs are determined by the design as each users requirements may be different. 

Roll form pallet rack is the less expensive option when compared to structural pallet racking.

Is there stock available?

Yes, Canadian Rack Technologies has a large selection of Redirack type pallet racking in stock available for purchase. Many sizes of beams and frames to choose from.

Do selective pallet racks require inspection and maintenance?

Yes, pallet rack inspection and repairs are essential. Local codes state that an appointed employee should inspect and take note of any damage to the pallet racking system on a minimum of a monthly basis. It is also recommended to have a competent outside source inspect the pallet racking system one per year.

Get a High-Quality Selective Pallet Rack in Toronto & Mississauga

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