Cantilever Racking System

Product Description

Cantilever racking is a specialized storage solution for holding bulky and awkwardly shaped items. Items like pipes, lumber, timber, furniture, moldings, etc. can be stored and easily accessed on cantilever systems. Other racking systems cannot hold these items because of their irregular shapes. The main benefit of cantilever racks is that they do not have a front support beam, allowing forklifts and other industrial trucks to easily access the items on it from the front of the unit.

Cantilever racking is ideal for loads that require no obstruction at the pick face, so that bulky and awkwardly sized or shaped products can be safely stored and accessed. This type of racking allows you to use your warehouse space more efficiently – you do not need to waste horizontal space with awkward posts and columns obstructing storage areas. Items best suited to such a system include furniture, building materials, piping, rolls, appliances, and flooring. In essence, if you have irregularly shaped items then cantilever racking is the ideal choice for you.

You can fit this racking system to your facility by adjusting the shelf height, ensuring that the maximum amount of vertical storage space is maintained. Moreover, the support arms can vary in depth and capacity depending on the type of load. Open rows allow not only secure load support but also easy access – safety, flexibility and selectivity are all maintained.

Different Types of Cantilever Racks

At Canadian Rack Technologies, we stock a large selection of medium-duty structural cantilever racking systems, we can also provide a large selection of custom options so you can choose the right cantilever racking system according to the type of load you carry. Here are some of our most popular cantilever racks:

  • Light-duty cantilever racks
  • Medium-duty cantilever racks
  • Heavy-duty cantilever racks
  • Structural cantilever racks
  • Single-sided cantilever racks
  • Double-sided cantilever racks
  • VNA cantilever racks
  • Cantilever racks with shelves
  • Cantilever racking for outdoor use
  • Cantilever racks with roofs
  • Custom cantilever racks

 We Stock Regular Duty Structural Cantilever – Ready For Quick ship

  • 8′, 12′ and 16′ tall columns single sided rated for 8000 lbs per column
  • 8′, 12′ and 16′ tall columns double sided rated for 16000 lbs (8000 lbs per side)
  • 36″ and 48″ bases
  • 48″ and 60″ bracing
  • 36″and 48″ arms rated for 1000 lb, 2000 lbs and 3000 lbs per arm
  • 18″ pipe stoppers
  • painted grey

Features and Technical Specification

At Canadian Rack Technologies, we can assure you that our cantilever racking systems stand out with the following features and specifications.

  • Versatility
  • Easy access
  • Adjustable
  • Space-saving
  • Durability
  • Customization
  • Safety

Benefits of Using the Cantilever Rack

  • Quick and easy to install
  • The height of arms is easy to adjust
  • Accommodates different sizes and types of products and materials
  • Accommodates long and bulky items that are hard to store on pallet racks
  • Increased productivity as they reduce handling time, due to easy access to awkward sizes

Applications of Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racking is used in industries that deal with storage of bulky, oversized, long loads such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores
  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Electronics
  • Auto parts
  • Wholesale stores

Cantilever Rack Is Ideal for Storing

  • Tubing and pipes
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Lumber
  • Moldings
  • Metal and plastic sheets
  • Metal beams
  • Furniture
  • Building materials
  • Appliances
  • Doors
  • Trusses

Installation and Maintenance

Tools required: hammer, level, tape measure, wrenches, drill, and bolts.

  1. Gather the components and necessary tools
  2. Attach the base support to the columns using the bolts and nuts and ensure that the base is level and secure
  3. Install the upright columns by attaching them to the base
  4. Install the horizontal braces between the upright columns
  5. Install the horizontal arms onto the columns
  6. Attach the cross braces to the cantilever rack
  7. Attach the end stops to the ends of the arms to prevent items from falling off the ends of the arms
  8. Once all components are securely fastened, check the entire assembly to ensure that it is level, stable, and properly secured

Racking Accessories and Customization

We can also customize your cantilever racking systems with shelving, labels, decking, column protectors, guard rails, safety netting, wire cages, mobile shelving units, label holders, and safety features. These accessories will provide you with additional storage space, allow you to organize your items better, and prevent accidents and items from falling off.

Why Choose Cantilever Racking from Canadian Rack Technologies?

If you want a high-quality storage solution for your heavy and bulky items or would like to learn more about other products we offer, contact us today.

We offer the best cantilever racks in Toronto and can customize them to suit your needs and help you maximize your storage space even better.


If you have any questions about cantilever racking systems, check out our FAQ section, where we have answered all the questions you might have.

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