Frequently Asked Questions about Cantilever Racking Systems

Pallet racking systems are usually the go-to storage solutions for many warehouses because they’re easily accessible and are capable of storing a wide variety of products. However, pallet racking systems aren’t fit to handle industrial building materials like pipes, drywall, lumber, tubing, carpeting, etc. These are all heavy and awkwardly shaped materials that require an open-ended storage mechanism for easy and safe access. Cantilever racking systems are the ideal storage solutions for most building materials. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about industrial warehouse cantilever racking systems and how they work.

How Do Cantilever Racks Work?

Cantilever racks are used to store heavy and oversized items that wouldn’t fit on a conventional pallet racking system. They’re open on all sides for easy material access and consist of four major structural components that make storage of these items possible. There are two heavy steel bases on either end of the structure, which are secured to the ground to prevent the structure from moving.

Vertical uprights on both sides are connected to the steel bases. They act as a support system for the arms, which extend outward the length of the bases. The arms are the shelves on which the products are stored. Lastly, two criss-crossed support beams in the back of the unit provide additional structural durability to support the weight of the racking system and the products stored on it.

Why Should You Use Cantilever Racks?

Warehouse cantilever racking systems are incredibly sturdy and versatile. While they’re mainly used for storing bulky and oddly shaped building materials, they can also be used to store items that are typically stored on conventional pallet racking systems. The arms are fully adjustable and can be widened or narrowed according to the dimensions of your inventory. If your warehouse primarily stores bulky and difficult-to-transport building materials or a mix of building materials and other smaller items, then cantilever racking is a suitable and cost-effective storage solution.

How Does Cantilever Racking Benefit Your Business?

It all depends on the type of inventory you typically have in stock. If you store a lot of bulky and awkwardly shaped items that are difficult to access through storage systems that have a lot of bars and beams on the sides, then cantilever racking is the right solution for your warehouse. Industrial warehouse cantilever racking systems can increase material handling efficiency and productivity by providing easy access to building materials on all sides.

Cantilever racks come in two main configurations: single and double-sided. Single-sided cantilever racks are affixed to a wall. Double-sided cantilever racks are conjoined at the back. Both configurations offer exceptional structural stability, space efficiency, and flexibility. You can also choose between fixed or adjustable arms that can be moved closer together or further apart depending on your needs.

What Types of Forklifts and Planning Are Required for Cantilever Racking Systems?

Standard or side-loading forklifts can be used in conjunction with cantilever racking systems depending on the layout of your storage units. Side-loading forklifts are more suitable for maximizing space in your warehouse and allowing for narrower aisles, so that you can fit more cantilever racking systems. However, cantilever racks are extremely adaptable and can be custom-tailored to the size and layout of your warehouse or storage facility.

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